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Paraffin and Asphaltene Solvents

Parene Series


  • Parene Series is a unique blend of proprietary compounds that provides several functions 

  • Parene is effective in all crudes and hydrocarbon solids; even for removal of the “candle wax” type paraffin.  

  • Parene is a paraffin and asphaltene solvent package designed for rapid removal

  • Parene peptizes the asphaltene molecule by surrounding it with a protective layer that inhibits asphaltenes from attaching or “smearing” on the formation face 

  • Parene provides exceptional water wetting, thus permitting more hydrocarbon inflow

  • Parene is used to remediate hot oil or hot water damage and breaks emulsions or sludge while preventing emulsions from forming


  • Parene Series are usually pumped neat (depending on the cocktail Atoll specifically engineers for each case)

  • Recommended that Parene Series be pumped at a rate no less than 5 gallons per gross foot of pay and no more than 100 gallons per gross foot of pay. It is also recommended that compatibility tests be performed with well fluids and Parene

Typical Properties

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