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Self Diverting Acid

SDA-95 Self Diverting Acid

Key Points

  • SDA-95 is a proprietary blend of surfactants designed as both a surface and formation gelling agent

  • SDA-95 builds surface viscosity at the rate of 5-7 centipoises per 10 gallons SDA-95 per thousand gallons of 15% HCl (depends on additional additives used in the acid system)

  • SDA-95 is an excellent formation-diverting agent because it builds viscosity when HCl spends on the formation.  Depending on the add rate of SDA-95 and other additives used in the acid system, viscosities will develop approaching 1,000 centipoises.  After complete spending of the HCl, the viscosity of the SDA-95 acid system will return to 1-2 centipoises

  • Because SDA-95 is surfactant based, the need for additional NE agents may be negated.  Testing must be performed before any job is pumped

  • SDA-95 is recommended as a formation diverting agent to be pumped at 3-5 gpt in 15% HCl

  • SDA-95 is compatible with other acid additives, including nonionic, cationic, anionic, and amphoteric charged products

  • SDA-95 is recommended as a surface gelling agent to be pumped at 20-30 gpt

Typical Properties

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