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Silica Scale Remover


Performance and Application

  • HFG-626 is a proprietary liquid blend of multiple components for use as an additive to HCl to create mud acid or as a stand-alone silica scale remover  

  • HFG-626 is compatible with HCl

  • HFG-626 contains iron control additives and has demulsification properties.  However, it must be noted that demulsification tests should be run on well fluids before pumping into a formation. Atoll acid additives are compatible with HFG-626

  • Even though HFG-626 is only slightly corrosive, if HFG-626 is used in environments greater than 100o F, it is recommended to run a small amount of corrosion inhibitor.   We can formulate a recommendation in our lab with client’s formation samples

  • HFG-626 is not a skin irritant and is a green product

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