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Flow Improvement Additives 

FRB-661  Flow Improver, Drag Reducer


  • FRB-661 is a Proprietary Flow Improver for Hydrocarbon Pipelines

  • Adding FRB-661 Increases Flow Rate and Reduces Line Pressure in oil pipelines

  • With the addition of FRB-661 clients have measured 43% increase in thru-put and 66% reduction in drag

  • By altering the flow regime from turbulent flow, friction pressure is reduced, thus requiring less horsepower to transport fluid 

  • FRB-661 dosage rate is dependent on the flow rate, line pressure, and the hydrocarbon gravity and makeup 

  • Dosage rates start at 40 ppm adjusted up or down to deliver the most effective use of the product   

  • FRB-661 should be injected on the discharge side of Pumps

  • The winterized version of FRB-661 with a freeze point of
    < -55 C w same advantages 



  • Shear stable.  Retains efficacy thru pump stations and bends

  • Not a polymer

  • Does not separate nor requires constant agitation 

  • Does not require frequent reinjection

  • Does not require removal at the plants, the product can be processed with oil

Key Points

  • FRB-661 can be processed along with oil and doesn’t need to be stripped out  

  • Breakdown of FRB-661 is similar to crude oil; easy processing

  • Will not cause any quality issue to the refined product 

  • FRB-661 does not contain any of the following:

    • Volatile phosphorous

    • Free olefins 

    • Heavy Metal

    • Silicon

    • Chlorine/halides levels < 0.001 ppm in total 

  • FRB-661 and any of its degradation bi-products have not found to be corrosive in any applications throughout refineries  

  • FRB-661 and any of its reaction bi-products are oil soluble and will be carried with the crude oil

  • No fouling or deposition concerns

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