Exceptional Problem Solving and Operational Optimization 

More than 40 years of experience developing chemicals for the optimization of production and transportation of hydrocarbons, and 15 years of development and use of analogous sustainable chemical solutions reducing carbon footprint by end-users profitably 

Over 35 years of experience developing and operating O&G assets including Drilling, Completion, Production, Facility, Optimization, Stimulation and Exploitation engineering worldwide 

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Energy Partners

Atoll Energy Partners (AEP) is a holding company dedicated to investing, distributing, implementing, and rolling-out technologies, products, and strategies to address the production and generation of energy in an environmentally-responsible way. The Atoll Group of Companies are dedicated to the growth and sustainability of the energy sector, including the O&G space, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Clean Technologies.

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Energy Fluids

Atoll Energy Fluids (AEF) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Atoll Energy Partners. Atoll Energy Fluids, together with its partners,  is able to deliver a powerful and competitive solutions-oriented approach to the manufacturing, transportation, and optimization of hydrocarbon production with environmentally compliant products that enable users to measurably reduce the carbon footprint of their operations and contribute to addressing global warming.

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Environmental Solutions

Atoll Environmental Solutions (AESOL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Atoll Energy Partners through which we deploy technologies and implement strategies in support of sustainable environmental operations in any sector. Atoll Environmental Solutions combines scientific, technical, and financial expertise to deliver strategic, sustainable, economic  and technically sound environmental solutions. We are committed to profitable innovation with quality, integrity, and reliability that will improve the environmental profile of our clients.

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Atoll Financial Group is a Washington, DC-based corporate and financial advisory firm, and investment bank specializing in assisting public and privately-owned corporations in raising funds in the capital markets for the realization of long-term, multi-million-dollar projects, financing technology rollouts, M&A activities, and going-to-market in a variety of vertical markets with agnostic focus on the energy space and associated technologies, strategies and services.   


AFG is the asset manager for AEP and its subsidiaries. Leveraging AFG’s in-depth industry expertise, long-lasting connections with highly diversified and qualified sources of global technical, strategic and financial players in each sector AEP and its subsidiaries operate, and a highly talented and competent team that shares the same solution-focused mindset of the Atoll Group of Companies and through a culture of mutual accountability and commitment to excellence AFG radically enhances the execution of the affiliates it manages. 

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Atoll Energy Fluids is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Atoll Energy Partners, a holding company dedicated to investing, distributing, implementing, and rolling-out technologies, products, and strategies to address the production and generation of energy in an environmentally-responsible way.

Leveraging 13 years of experience financing energy companies and projects globally, through Atoll Financial Group, an investment banking affiliate, the Atoll Group of Companies are dedicated to the growth and sustainability of the energy sector, including the O&G space, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Clean Technologies.

Atoll Energy Fluids is able to deliver a powerful and competitive solution-oriented approach to the optimization of production and transportation of hydrocarbons with environmentally compliant products that reduce the user’s carbon-footprint. 






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Strategic Partners


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JJ Carrasco

 Managing Partner

Jonathan Hakala


Boban Markovic


•Veteran of the financial industry with extensive experience in the energy sector.

•Founder of the Atoll Financial Group which reached $2B in buy-side,  and over $1.3B in sell-side engagements, worldwide.

•Series 63, 79, 82

•35+ years of experience in capital markets and finance

•Former CEO of VC firm in NYC

•Experience at GS, JP Morgan, BofA

•S.B. MIT, MBA Stanford

•Series 7, 66, 79

•Named as one of the Future Leaders in Global Finance in 2020 (IIF).

•Covered Oil Markets at the Institute of International Finance.

•CFA III Candidate, Series 63, 79, 82

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Clay Baten.png

Randy Clark


 Chairman Chemical Division

Miguel Salas
 Project Engineer, 
Chemical Division

Clay Baten

 Specialty Chemistry, 

Chemical Division

•35+ years of experience in the energy industry, banking, and accounting

•Extensive experience as CFO, CEO of E&P companies 

•E&P business experience in the US, Canada, UAE, Oman, Malaysia, Indonesia,  and elsewhere

  • 8 years of experience as a process engineer, project manager, and consultant in chemical, oil extraction, and environmental sectors.

  • Masters degree in Environmental Engineering

  • BS Chemical Engineering 

•Experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working in the chemicals industry. 

•Skilled in Negotiation, Gas, Petroleum, Business Planning, Technical Review and Recommendations.



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